Unapproved Oct. HOA Minues
Date Posted: 11/16/2010


                              Lakes at Waterstone HOA
                                 Unapproved Board Meeting Minutes
Date: October 21, 2010 Time: 4:30PM Location: Micco Library
President Jack Pennella called the meeting to order 4:30pm
Proof of meeting notice was duly posted at Guardhouse.
Present at meeting were Jack Pennella, Gregory Plagmann, Kim Cheatham, Absent Sue Sheppard & Jordan Goldman. Also present Steve Schnitzer from Vista/Continental Management Group.
President Jack Pennella made a motion for the Association Property Manager Steve Schnitzer to take the minutes at all meetings. Association Secretary Sue Sheppard although not present at this meeting had advised the HOA Board members she was in support of this direction. Second- by Greg Plagmann. Motions and Resolutions as well as Committee Reports only will be recorded in the Monthly HOA Minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
Managers Report: It was reported by St Johns Water Management that all the lake banks in and around THE LAKES ASSOCIATION are to be maintained. Areas of lake erosion of the lake banks will have to be brought to the attention of Pulte.
All long distance cell phone numbers have been removed from the gate entry system.
3510 and 3540 Jute Lane SE have been foreclosed and now owned by the banks. The banks will now be required to pay the delinquent and current assessments, if the properties owned by the banks fail to pay assessments when due an effort will be made to foreclose on the same property by the Association.
The Gator Hotline has been contacted to schedule trapper to remove gators in the lakes. Homeowners are reminded, DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS.
Residents will be informed regarding new mailbox location and key pick up. Resident will be contacted by email blast, Website and posting on old mailbox the location and times to pick up mailbox keys.
Approval of last months meeting minutes; Kim Cheatham made a motion to approve the minutes; 2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously.
Treasurers Report: Greg Plagmann reported as of October that there is Operating Cash $29,410.65; Reserves 9,608.36; Total Cash & Reserves $39,019.0. There are 10 delinquent homes at the attorney, 2 homes have been taken over by Fannie Mae leaving 8 homes in serious financial trouble with the Association Attorney for follow up. Two (2) renters ordered to pay rent, one (1) renter upon being served the demand for rent payment decided to vacant the Hyperion location while the renter on Jute Lane turned over his monthly rent check of $900.00 to our Property Manager Schnitzer and will be required to do so every month.
Safety Security Report: Gate Company is working with the Palm Bay Police Department to schedule test of siren to open entry gate arms.
The association has purchased a lap top computer to down load the amenity center security software to issue center entry keys to the residents. Resident, Scott Adair has taken the lead in software down load for the Amenity Center entry system.
Greg Plagmann made a motion that each resident all in good standing may obtain two (2) amenity center keys at no cost. Additional keys for residents or renters will be charged $10.00 each. 2nd by Jack Pennella; Motion passed unanimously.
ACC Report: Dave Smith had no new ACC applications to report. Mr. Smith presented the enclosed revised ACC guidelines dealing with Lanai Enclosures for Existing Covered Lanai’s, section # 3 and #4 for the Board to review and approve. Kim Cheatham read the entire revision into the record. A
Motion to approve the revision of ACC guidelines dealing with Lanai Enclosures section #3 & #4 was made by Greg Plagmann; second by Kim Cheatham. Motion passed unanimously.
Social Committee Report by Chair Person elect Connie Becker: The social committee requested $300 from the association if Pulte does not fund the Grand Opening event of the amenity center. Greg Plagmann made a motion for the association to provide $300 for the grand opening in the event Pulte does not fund the event sufficiently, pending any legal funding issue, second by Jack Pennella; Motion passed unanimously.
CCC Committee Report: Robert Wenz provided the Board with a copy of the proposed Amenity Center Guidelines as well as such items as tables and chairs for review by the Board. Greg Plagmann made a motion to except the pending CCC guidelines, all revisions, additions, or new amendments for usage are to comply with all Association Rules, the law and all Health Department specifications, except for the alcohol section pending further review. Second to the motion by Jack Pennella. Motion passed 2 to 1, Jack Pennella Yes, Greg Plagmann Yes, and Kim Cheatham NO.
Jack Pennella reported the HOA Board is working on the 2011 Budget Proposals.
Jack Pennella addressed the irrigation concerns reporting Pulte must address the Master Association Covenants responsibility for the Hoover Irrigation pump station maintenance. The Association has spent nearly $7000 on repairs that should have been paid by the Master Association not the Lakes Association.
Jack Pennella reported that sod replacement due from irrigation issues, lack of rain and chinch bug damage has been estimated to cost some $7000 and will have to be reviewed pending the availability of funds.
Jack Pennella reported Pulte has yet to address any deficiency lists submitted, some dating back far back as 2009.
Jack Pennella reported the replat document has been signed by the Board to move forward with obtaining the building C.O. and its turnover of the amenity center to The Lakes Association.
Meeting adjourned 6:30pm
Next Board meeting to be held on 11.22.2010
Respectfully submitted for the Board of Directors
Steve Schnitzer Community Association Manager