July HOA Minutes
Date Posted: 8/10/2010

Unapproved Minutes Lakes at Waterstone Board Meeting 

Date: Tuesday July 20, 2010
Time: 4:30 p.m. 
Location: Micco Library
JP called the meeting to order 4:30pm
Roll call: Jack Pennella, Greg Plagmann, Sue Sheppard, Kim Cheatham & Jordan Goldman by cell speaker phone. Also present Steve Schnitzer Property Manager.
Meeting notice duly posted.
JP made a motion that resident recording of Board meetings are allowed with the verbal notification of recording prior to the start of the Board meeting, 2nd by Sue S.
Motion passed unanimously.
JP introduced Nikki Monahan and Pat Miller from Vista / Continental Management. Nikki & Pat spoke about the services that are provided in the Management Contract that is not seen on a daily basis.
JP made a motion to approve the Board meeting minutes from June 29, 2010. 2nd by Greg P. Motion passed unanimously.
Correction of Board meeting minutes May 25, 2010. JP made a motion to correct the minutes under new business to correctly state; The Association has received a letter from Nancy Coupard that she possibly intended to take legal action against the Association regarding its ACC request. Greg P. made a motion to approve the correction of the May 25, 2010 Board meeting minutes; 2nd by Sue S.
Motion passed unanimously.
Managers Report: Property Manager Schnitzer reviewed the new law whereupon Associations can demand renters will be required to pay rent to the Association when a homeowner is delinquent in Association Quarterly Assessments.
Property Manager Schnitzer reported he submitted to FPL invoices going back 2 years whereupon FPL has charged the association sales tax which is not allowed under the law in the state of Florida.
Property Manager Schnitzer reported Ms. Coupard is no longer pursuing her ACC application.
JP made a motion to approve the Association Attorney to begin the notification process to renters in demand for rent, as the new law allows regarding Assessment Delinquent Homeowners. 2nd by Greg P. Motion passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s report: Greg P stated operating Cash $40,991.96 Reserves $8,058.58
A total of 11 Delinquent Accounts are presently with our Association Attorney.
Greg P. made a motion for a one (1) time waiving of late fees on assessment payments prior to July 1, 2010, 2nd by Sue S. Motion passed unanimously.
Safety Committee Report: Dan Maxey reviewed gate damages and camera repairs.
ACC Committee Report: Dave Smith said ACC committee met to review 12 ACC applications.
Landscape Committee Report: JP reported 10 landscape committee members voted in favor of using blue reflector markers which homeowners would purchase to alert landscapers not to trim homeowner installed landscaping.
JP made the motion to approve the use of blue reflectors to be used by homeowners to alert landscapers not to trim HOMEOWNER INSTALLED LANDSCAPING.
2nd by Greg P, Motion passed unanimously.
JP made a personal request to the Axelrod’s that they consider accepting the association’s relief of claim to warranty for one (1) year the replacement of his personal Roebelenii palm tree, hold harmless; FISCHER LANDSCAPERS, VISTA/CONTINENTAL GROUP MANAGEMENT as well as the LAKES ASSOCIATION for any damage the Axelrod’s felt had occurred to the its palm tree. In addition the Association would establish a process to hopefully prevent a similar occurrence to any other homeowner. THE AXELROD’S GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED.
Board reviewed proposals to trim approximately 600 palm trees in the community.
Greg P. suggested palm trees needed to be trimmed by August 15, 2010 with hurricane season upon us. JP made a motion to approve spending up to $3,600 for the tree trimming. 2nd by Greg, motion passed unanimously.
OLD BUSINESS: The Board discussed the use of cell phones and the cost of long distance fees for the front gate entry system and the 24680 universal entry codes. Greg P. made a motion to remove long distance service from the front entry gate access system as well as to remove the universal gate entry code 24680 effective September 1, 2010.2nd by Sue S.
Yes- Kim C, Sue S, Greg P, JP, No by Jordan G, Motion passed, 4- 1.
NEW BUSINESS: Board members discussed the use of the Wenz/Adair private homeowner run website. Greg P. stated the association attorney recommended that Board Members and our Management Company should not use this website as they cannot control what is being put on it and could be open to liability concerns. Greg P further stated The Vista/Continental Group website is an informational website that is controlled by the Board. JP stated the use of open forums messages on this website could be damaging to the association, specifically stating, “Opinions are actionable under the law, truth in facts are not”. Comment: This sentence has been recognized as incorrect and will be corrected in the final minutesSue S. thought the open forum section on the Wenz/Adair web-site was good communication. JP stated and Greg P agreed any homeowner may take information off the Vista/Continental Group website and post it on the private homeowner Wenz/Adair run website.
JP addressed an unsigned letter that was mailed to community homeowners regarding, “SPECIAL ASSESSMENT- YOUR TIME!”. JP stated there had been no discussion of any Special Homeowner Assessment by the HOA Board at any time and felt this type of behavior was unacceptable. JP also felt this was a scare tactic and that statements within this letter accusing the HOA Board, the ACC Committee, and Vista/Continental Group of UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR was without factual information and just an opinion. JP further stated that the person who wrote the letter had not presented facts to back it up nor did he sign his name.
JP reported that the City will be holding a meeting on July 27, 2010 5:00pm at BCC to discuss the I-95 Interchange and new PALM BAY PARKWAY.
Meeting Adjourned 7:00pm
Respectfully submitted for the Board of Directors
Steve Schnitzer
Community Association Manager
Lakes At Waterstone HOA