Next HOA Meeting
Date Posted: 12/5/2010

At the last gathering of homeowners, our HOA Board was unfortunately restricted to items on the Agenda and timeframe to complete our Agenda.

As a consequence, the board was not able to address areas of homeowner concerns involving community landscaping and pest control issues within the development that have effected each and every one of us to date..........

In order for our Board, as well as residents, to completely address these issues our Board has requested senior officials for both LANDSCAPE and FERTILIZATION/PEST CONTROL contractors servicing our development in the year 2011 to attend our regular monthly meeting on the 9th of December, at 630pm, both have accepted.

The Board of Directors believes this will be a great opportunity for questions and answers to be addressed by the true professionals responsible for providing the service.

We intend for this session to occur as the first order of business just after commencing the meeting.

We look forward to seeing all the good folks who brought items of concern before your Board to have them adequately addressed, the same issues we have as your Board of Officer's.........

jp for the Board of Directors.