July Lawn Care Schudule
Date Posted: 7/6/2011
7.7.11 & 7.8.11 Tru Green on Property treating trees and shrubs- fertilization and pest control.
7.8.11 Inspection of the entire property by Tru Green w/association.
7.8.11 Treasure Coast Irrigation Thursday and every Thursday during the month of July will be on property.
7.13.11 LSP scheduled to deliver additional mulch.
7.14.11 & 7.15.11 LSP to deliver small trees for residential planting.
7.22.11 Tru Green to apply granular fertilizer to area of turf.
In between all of the above listed activity we will be addressing the completion of the irrigation upgrade, areas of turf on side and in the rear of homes for sod and/or top dressing.
We respectfully request for all to be patient, we can only schedule the service but the vendor controls the time frame for scheduling.