May Board Minutes
Date Posted: 6/7/2011


                  LAKES AT WATERSTONE HOA
                                   DRAFT BOARD MEETING MINUTES
DATE: May 24, 2011
TIME: 6:30 PM
MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Jack Pennella called meeting to order 6:34pm.
Guest Speaker: Mike Menike from Animal Control Services Inc. spoke about Armadillo trapping and will submit a proposal for the Board to review.
QUORUM CALL: Present were President Jack Pennella, Board Members Greg Plagmann, and Sue Sheppard. Gregory McFarlane & Jordan Goldman were excused. Also present Property Manager Steve Schnitzer.
PROOF OF THE May 24, 2011 MEETING POSTED: Notice was posted at guardhouse for the upcoming meeting.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM MEETING: Sue Sheppard made a motion to approve March 16, 2011 minutes; 2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously.
MANAGERS REPORT: Property Manager Steve Schnitzer reported 3540 Jute Lane a Bank owned foreclosure home was sold and the association received over $9937.00 in past delinquent fees plus $522.00 in a Working Fund Contribution in the sale.$$$$$$$.
The Working Fund contribution is equal to two months share of Assessments,
 $261 x 2 = $522 00.This fund to be used to offset community expenses.
Property Manager Schnitzer reported the amenity center electric bills have been transferred from Pulte to the Association dating back to January 1, 2011.
Steve reported the meeting held on May 9th with Mike Wagers from Waterstone Farms as well as property known as Mara Loma Boulevard Association with President Jack Pennella along with BOD Sue Sheppard was both informative as well as productive.
Steve reported a meeting with Impact Landscaping employee Tim Edgerly was held on May 9th with President Jack Pennella and BOD member Gregory McFarlane regarding replacement of dead Pulte warranty trees in and along the Community Recreation area. Mr. Edgerly stated the dead trees would be replaced when they do the landscaping at the new homes within Heron Bay. Property Manager Schnitzer will monitor to see to it that this matter will be timely addressed.
Steve reported additionally a meeting on May 9, 2011 was held with Natalie Sheber, Environmental Engineer with Saint Johns Water Management District with President Jack Pennella and Gregory McFarlane BOD member to review areas of community lake bank erosion. Ms. Shuber will send notification to PULTE requesting the lake bank erosion issue to be repaired.
Steve noted the renter at 3550 Jute Lane has paid the rent towards the homeowner delinquent assessments for the month of May 2011.
Steve reported Chuck from Tru Green notified the association that sod liquid fertilization was completed as well as a chinch bug control product Arena has been applied and will spot check areas from time to time. President Jack Pennella reported the lack of rain and spotty coverage of the irrigation system might hamper the control of chinch bugs. Tru-Green will be asked to closely monitor for chinch bug activity.
Steve reported the replacement warranty glass tabletops for the amenity center have arrived from the manufacture as promised.
TREASURERS REPORT: Greg Plagmann reported $49,295.55 in operating. $15,612.18 in reserves, Total operating and reserves $64,307.73 Greg Plagmann reported 12 delinquent accounts.
TECHNOLOGY SAFETY& SECURITY REPORT: Gregory Plagmann reported on the operation of the security camera systems.
Dan Maxey reported on the dangerous situation regarding residents and visitors running stop signs within the community. President Jack Pennella added our BOD does not favor the placement of speed bumps at the intersection(s) of Fossen and Macaria but will if violations continue. The continued violation by homeowners or renters running straight through full stop community traffic control signs could end up if an injury occurs to be a very expensive liability issue if not addressed by the Association. 
Homeowners, we have included within the present minutes Article 9 section 3, the clarifications for PARKING and TRAFFIC REGULATIONS which our Board of Directors enacted in early 2010 as Community Rules & Regulations regarding DRIVING AND TRAFFIC GUIDELINES. Please pay specific attention to section #6 & #7 pertaining to development speed and traffic sign restrictions. The Association does have the authority to regulate Driving & Parking and its Enforcement.
2010-1             The Lakes at Waterstone Rules and Regulations         ARTICLE 9- SECTION-3
The Association is authorized under section 10-D, page 9 of the Community Rules and Regulations the following: “The Board may at any meeting adopt Rules and Regulations or amend, modify or rescind then existing Rules and Regulations for operation of THE LAKES at WATERSTONE provided…..are not inconsistent….documents”.
Greg Plagmann-Liaison, Safety & Security Committee/Dan Maxey-Chairperson.
“Art. 9 Section 3” of our community Rules and Regulations does identify restrictions but more clarification to the rule is warranted in this case.
1.         Vehicles should be stored overnight in owner’s garage with overhead doors CLOSED.
2.         Two (2) automobiles per dwelling are permitted to be parked overnight in driveways, trucks should be parked overnight in garages, (trucks rated more than ½ ton capacity shall not be parked on any part of THE LAKES at WATERSTONE, driveways, lot or any designated space for parking)-this include owners, and their guests, renters and/or contractors, except delivery goods or performing service during the daylight hours. No commercial signs on trucks, vans or cars parked overnight in driveways. SIDEWALKS ARE NEVER TO BE BLOCKED
(A police vehicle is not a commercial vehicle.)
3.         Parking or storage of boats, boat trailers, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, campers or trailers in the neighborhood streets or driveways is prohibited without approval from the Property Manager. (All limited to a 72 hour period.) Washing in driveways is allowed, for any of the above items, while they are cleaned, provided the sidewalk is not blocked.
4.         Bicycles must be stored in resident garage.
5.         All residents/renters vehicles must be registered with the HOA Property Managers office. 
6.         The speed limit on all THE LAKES streets is 25 mph.
7          Stop signs and all other traffic control signs must be observed.
8.         Vehicle repairs are prohibited in your driveway or on the street. Non-emergency repairs must be completed in your garage or at an offsite facility.
9.         Driving or parking on unpaved land within THE LAKES at WATERSTONE is prohibited.
10.       On street parking on community roads is discouraged. No left side of the vehicle parking is permitted on community roads. This restriction applies to residents, guests, contractors. Any
Street parking shall be in the direction of traffic and not across from already parked vehicles to insure emergency access is not impeded. This applies to homeowners, guests, tenants and contractors.
11.       Overnight parking on streets is prohibited between the hours of 1200am midnights and 500am.
12.       No passing of moving motorized vehicles is allowed within THE LAKES at WATERSTONE.
13.       Bicycle traffic on community streets must stay to the right, foot traffic should use the sidewalk.
14.       No unlicensed driver may operate any vehicle, including Golf carts within THE LAKES at WATERSTONE.
15.       All vehicles, including Golf carts operated within THE LAKES at WATERSTONE must carry Liability Insurance. (Proof of Insurance must be provided to the Property Manager upon request.)
16.       Reckless driving, driving in an unsafe manner or impaired driving is prohibited within THE LAKES. When a RESIDENT observes a driver attempting to drive into and enter the property who appears to be impaired or unable to safely operate the vehicle, the City of Palm Bay Police Department should be called.
Article IX, Section 1 of the Association Documents, “The Association has the right to enforce these regulations including the removal of vehicles from the property, and the suspension of Member’s rights to operate a vehicle on THE LAKES property”.
PARKING VIOLATIONS: THE LAKES Property Manager, or HOA BOARD MEMBERS, or Safety & Security members may issue parking violations.   Overnight parking is defined as on street parking after 1200am midnight and before 500am. Authorized personal issuing parking violation tickets will leave a copy of the ticket on the vehicle windshield advising of the infraction with a warning the second ticket will result in a $25.00 fine, and that a third or more violations will result in a $100.00 fine and being towed from the property at vehicle owner’s expense.
EXEMPTION: A resident may have temporary parking problems and may need an exemption to the parking rule. If this is the case, the resident must notify the Property Manager and request an exemption. The resident must explain the problem and request the exemption. The exemption will be logged as to the exemption and the duration. As long as the exemption is in force, no parking violation will be issued. NO EXEMPTION WILL BE GRANTED FOR MORE THAN 72 HOURS EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY.
ACC REPORT: Dave Smith reported 4 applications were submitted May 11, 2011.
3 approved and 1 denied.
SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Connie Becker reported on the Memorial Day Event planed for Sunday May 29, 2011
President Jack Pennella reported the mulching of the community has begun on LeClaire Lane, then Hyperion, Jute, Kalista, Plume and Miranda Circle. Resident lots will be addressed first, then common area.
Tree replacement for the front and side of resident homes on the recommendation of LSP has been delayed due to lack of rain and may not be addressed until the middle of June to be on the safe side.
Steve Schnitzer, Property Manager addressed a letter sent to our HOA Board regarding a frustrated homeowners proposal to replace its frost and cold damaged landscaping where as they were expecting association reimbursement for the replacement cost.  A homeowner with ACC approval can replace its landscape at any time, but the association will not reimburse a homeowner for landscape replacement. The Association did provide in the 2011 association budget a line item landscape replacement funding and will honor that commitment.
President Jack Pennella requested more volunteers to help clean out the irrigation heads and nozzles within the community as we all wait the rainy season.
NEW BUSINESS: President Jack Pennella reported that resident Greg Holden would like to donate Christmas decorations to the association.
OLD BUSSINESS: President Jack Pennella reported on the status of the gazebo. Rob Wentz will address this matter when he returns next month to the community.
Marie Sanderson reported she would donate a park bench for Fossen Park.
President Jack Pennella reported that the homeowner trash violation matter has not as yet been resolved but the association is in negotiation on a settlement.
OPEN FORUM: Homeowners voiced their questions to the Board.
NEXT HOA MEETING DATE: June 28, 2011 6:30pm
Minutes respectfully submitted for the Board,
Steve Schnitzer
Community Association Manager
Lakes at Waterstone HOA