NEW- Parking/Vehicle Rules
Date Posted: 5/25/2010

2010-1 THE LAKES AT WATERSTONE RULE S AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE 9 SECTION-3 The Association is authorized under Section 10-D, page 9 of the Community Rules and Regulations the following: “The Board may at any meeting adopt Rules and Regulations or amend, modify or rescind then existing Rules and Regulations for operations of THE LAKES at Waterstone provided….are not inconsistent…documents” Greg Plagmann-Liaison, Safety & Security Committee/Dam Maxey- Chairperson. “Art. 9 Section 3” of our community Rules and Regulations does identify restrictions but more clarification to the rule is warranted in this case.

l. Vehicles should be stored overnight in owner’s garages with overhead doors CLOSED.

2. Two (2) automobiles per dwelling are permitted to be parked overnight in driveways, trucks should be parked in garages, (trucks rated more than ½ ton capacity shall not be parked on any part of THE LAKES at Waterstone, driveway, lot, or any designated space for parking)—this include owners, and their guests, renters and/or contractors, except delivering goods or performing service during the daylight hours. No commercial signs on trucks, vans or cars parked overnight in driveways. SIDEWALKS ARE NEVER TO BE BLOCKED (A police vehicle is not a commercial vehicle.)

3. Parking or storage of boats, boat trailers, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, campers or trailers in the neighborhood streets or driveways is prohibited without written approval from the Property Manager. (All limited to a 72 hour period.) Washing in driveways is allowed, for any of the above items, while they are being cleaned, provided the sidewalk is not blocked.

4. Bicycles must be stored in resident garage.

5. All residents/renters vehicles must be registered with the HOA Property Managers office. ALL GATE BAR CODES MUST BE AFFIXED TO RIGHT SIDE WINDOW, REGISTERED OWNERS/RENTERS VEHICLES TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY.

6. The speed limit on all THE LAKES streets is 25 MPH.

7. Stop signs and all other traffic control signs must be observed.

8. Vehicle repairs are prohibited in your driveway or on the street. Non-emergency repairs must be completed in your garage or at an offsite facility.

9. Driving or parking on unpaved land within THE LAKES at Waterstone is prohibited.

10. On street parking on community roads is discouraged. No left side of the vehicle parking is permitted on community roads. This restriction applies to residents, guests, contractors. Any street parking shall be in the direction of traffic and not across from already parked vehicles to insure emergency access in not impeded. This applies to homeowners, guests, tenants and contractors.

11. Overnight parking on streets is prohibited between the hours of 1200am midnight and 500am.

12. No passing of moving motorized vehicles is allowed within THE LAKES at Waterstone.

13. Bicycle traffic on community streets must stay to the right, foot traffic should use the sidewalk.

14. No unlicensed driver may operate any vehicle, including golf carts within THE LAKES at Waterstone.

15. All vehicles, including Golf carts operated within THE LAKES at Waterstone must carry Liability Insurance. (Proof of insurance must be provided to the Property Manager upon request)

16. Reckless driving, driving in an unsafe manner or impaired driving is prohibited within THE LAKES. When a RESIDENT observes a driver attempting to drive into and enter the property who appears to be impaired or unable to safely operate the vehicle, the City of Palm Bay Police Department should be called. Article IX, Section 1 of the Association documents, “The Association has the right to enforce these regulations including the removal of vehicles from the property, and the suspension of Member’s rights to operate a vehicle on THE LAKES property”.

PARKING VIOLATIONS: THE LAKES Property Manager, HOA BOARD MEMBER, or Safety & Security committee member may issue violations. Overnight parking is defined as on street parking after 1200am midnight and before 500am. Authorized personnel issuing parking violation tickets will leave a copy of the ticket on the vehicle windshield advising of the infraction with a warning that a second ticket will result in a $25.00 fine, and that a third or more violations will result in a $100.00 fine and being towed from the property at the vehicle owner’s expense.

EXEMPTION: a resident may have temporary parking problems and may need an exemption to the parking rule. If this is the case, the resident must notify the Property Manager and request an exemption. The resident must explain the problem and request the exemption. The exemption will be logged as to the exemption and the duration. As long as the exemption is in force, no parking violation will be issued. NO EXEMPTION WILL BE GRANTED FOR MORE THAN 72 HOURS EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY.