Date Posted: 2/22/2011

DATE: January 25, 2011
TIME: 6:30 PM
MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: HOA President, Jack Pennella called meeting to order 6:30pm.
QUORUM CALL: Present; Jack Pennella, Greg Plagmann, Sue Sheppard, Kim Cheatham by cell phone, and Absent Jordan Goldman, also present property Manager Steve Schnitzer.
PROOF OF THE 12-9-2010 MEETING POSTED: Notice was posted at guardhouse.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM MEETINGS: Sue Sheppard made a motion to approve December 9, 2010 minutes; 2nd by Greg Plagmann;
Motion passed unanimously.
MANAGERS REPORT: Jack Pennella thanked the band for the wonderful job they did at the Grand Opening ceremony, Scott Adair, Jim Brooks and B. Donnelly.
The association is moving forward with the lien/foreclosure at 3510 & 3540 Jute Lane.
The association has concerns with the lake bank erosion at the amenity center. Pulte inspected and said they are not responsible for the repair. Received a $3000.00 proposal for Lake Bank repair from LSP Landscape.
Pictures of 4 of the 6 glass tabletops with spider cracks were taken to be sent to manufacturer for warranty replacement.
Sent termination letter to Swimming Pool Specialist effective January 1, 2011 Save a Buck Pool Company will service pool effective January 1st.
Tru green has competed the fire ant application within the community. Chuck from Tru green will monitor the community for results and spot treatment as needed.
The association received the $1590 check from the contractor’s insurance company for the entry gate box system.
Steve from LSP Landscape has recommended to the Board that they consider holding off on mulching the community in February until the spring shrub replacement as the winter cold fronts have done damage once again to the landscaping.
TREASURERS REPORT: Greg Plagmann reported $43,002.60 in operating. $11,154.48 in reserves, Total operating and reserves $54,157.08 Greg Plagmann reported 12 delinquent accounts totaling $66,884.75.
COMMITTEE REPORTS: HOA Board upon recommendations from President Jack Pennella approved Paul Ditmar, Dan Maxey, Dan Moy, Richard Schaps & Greg Mcfarlane to the violations committee and Lionel Smith to the ACC.
TECHNOLOGY SAFETY & SECURITY REPORT: Greg Plagmann filed the report in Scott Adairs absence for the TSSC; the phone line has been completed at the amenity center. Brighthouse has also completed the installation of the equipment at the guardhouse to enable homeowners to view visitors at front gate and also to provide a cable channel for community alerts.
ACC REPORT: Dave Smith had nothing to report as no meeting held in December.
SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Connie Becker requested a Social Committee Fund raising checking account fund be opened. The account will be set up to require three signatures. Sue Sheppard made emotion to approve the social committee checking account; 2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously.
COMMUNITY CENTER REPORT: Greg McFarland reported they are reviewing the proposals to seal the pavers at the amenity center. Greg McFarlane presented to the Board a clarification amending 2011.01 Section 7 for TRASH CONTAINERS being stored at the amenity center as part of the Lakes at Waterstone Rules and Regulations. Clarification of Trash Containers stored at the amenity center.
HOA President Jack Pennella made a motion to approve the 2011.01 amending Section 7.01 & 7.02 Waterstone Rules & Regulations to conform to Waterstone Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Lakes at Watersone clarification of Trash Containers storage both at the amenity center and at residential homes within the LAW.
2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously. Document enclosed.
OLD BUSINESS: Joe Depinto agenda item - Mini-boats/boat docks-in lakes. Mr. DePinto was not present so agenda items were not discussed.
OPEN FORUM: Homeowners voiced their questions and concerns to the Board.
NEXT HOA MEETING DATE: February 22, 2011 6:30pm
Steve Schnitzer
Community Association Manager Lakes at Waterstone HOA