Date Posted: 9/1/2010
W/O to spray with round up in the area identified earlier today at 3415 Hyperion- (Becker) and then remove the sod at a level to permit mulch to be placed in the same area.
W/O for the same process at 3482 Hyperion Way- (Sanderson) in area identified.
3443 Hyperion- (Wenz) remove Roebelenii and replace a safe distance from the privacy wall,
trim shrubs on the right and left a safe distance for Roebelenii to permit growth, trim as well..
trim branches which appear dead or remove the entire Indian Hawthorne deal shrub at  3511 Jute Lane and on opposite side of street at 3510 Jute Lane.
Also inspect damage to the lanai screen at the southeast corner bottom of the 30" x 80" section screen which appears to be caused by landscape edger.