Finally! 3 years later....
Date Posted: 5/18/2010

Today, (May 18, 2010) was a day many of us thought would never come. The footings for our Amenity Center where dug out today, beginning the actual building of our Community Center and ending a long 3 year wait with many starts and stops.

Plan is, in next couple of days to have the underground plumbing run and right after that the pad should be poured. Then we're on our way. The contractor is still saying the site should be done in August, (but don't hold your breath). You can follow the process right here on the website with pictures under the "Special News Events" section.

Also the final section of the sidewalk was poured completing a beautiful winding walk from the Center, over two bridges, through the park, and ending up at the front enterance. Awesome!

Rob Wenz (Webmaster)