ACC Information
Date Posted: 5/10/2010

The Architectural Control Committee is in the process of organizing ... although there has been a committee in place, the committee had not organized. I was asked to become the liaison between the Board and the committee .. so began the organizational process.

Please take time to review the covenants you received when you purchased your home. You'll find many rules and regulations that contain language about the responsibilities of residents and the ACC.

In addition to approving or denying applications, the committee's responsibility is to clarify some of the rules to include number of pots, size of fountains, etc. Remember that the developer's intent and, in turn, the Board's and ACC's responsibility is to protect the architectural integrity of our community by carefully reviewing and acting on all applications within the guidelines outlined in the covenants.

Again, I urge each of you to review these covenants. As the Board liaison, I just want to remind all residents that any change to the outside of your home must be approved by the ACC Committee. These changes may be significant in nature or may take the form of a wreath, fountain, pot, garden ornament, solar lights or decorative flag, but, any changes at all to the outside of your home need to go before the ACC committee. This doesn't mean it's the intent of the committee to arbitrarily deny applications, it does mean that the committee is in the process of establishing standards to protect the HOA.

If you haven't received ACC Committee approval, we encourage you to request a form from the property manager and forward your completed application to the committee. Please, if you have any questions, ask! Don't let any question go unanswered!

Sue Sheppard (Board Liaison to the ACC)