CCC Minutes for Nov
Date Posted: 12/7/2010
Community Center Committee (CCC)
Minutes for 11/22/2010
Time: 11/22/2010, 7:00pm
Location: Holiday Inn Express, Malabar Rd.
Attendees: Brian Donnelly, Rob Wenz, Chandra Claycomb, Daisy Ling-Flower, Connie Becker, Bob Bloch, Greg McFarlane, Kate McFarlane, Greg Plagmann, Mary & Stan Kozlowski, Dawn Pannella, Joe & Diana Dipinto, Marie Sanderson, Paul & Donna Ditmar, Jim & JoAnn Brooks, Julie & Paul Detulio
Board Members
• Rob Wenz
• Bob Bloch
• Chandra Claycomb
• Brian Donnelly
• Connie Becker
• Daisy Ling-Flower
• Greg McFarlane
• Greg Plagmann (non-voting) liaison to The Board
Orders of Business
I.    Introductions
II.   CCC Summary and Review Recommendations
A.  Pool Hours recommendation have been amended.
1.   Open 7am -11pm
2.   Motioned by Bob Bloch, 2nd by Brian Donnelly. All in favor.
III.  Grand Opening Party
A.  Connie reported a social to be held on 12/4 if all goes well with the turnover. The invites are ready to be passed out as soon as its official!
B.  Grand Opening tentatively scheduled for 1/8
IV.  Exercise Equipment Status
A.   An advisory group (Joe, Chandra, and Dave Smith) have been assessing equipment needs as well as prices.
B.   Equipment needs reviewed and downsized:  
a)   Dumbell Rack
b)   Adjustable Step
C.   All fitness equipment needs will be re-evaluated at the end of the 1st quarter and after 6 months.
a)   Connie Motioned, Greg P 2nd. All in favor.
V.   Chairs and Tables
A.  We were provided with 3 rec tables and 2 round tables. 12 chairs.
B.  Connie recommended we buy 25 additional chairs. We can buy cheaper chairs than the 12 provided at Sams for $25 or we can purchase the same chairs that were provided for around $48-60 each.
1.   Greg M motions to recommend buying the less expensive chairs a $25 ea. to support the Social Committee recommendation.
a)   2nd by Brian Donnelly.
b)   Split vote 5 Y / 2 N (Bob B & Rob W)
VI.  Storage
A.  Extra space in men’s room could be converted to storage area
1.   Removing the diaper changing station was discussed. Some of the women felt that was not an option, as dad’s (and granddads) have just as much responsibility to change diapers as women. To remove from one and not the other is not fair.
2.   Removing the waterless urinal to make a closet was an option brought up by Dawn P.
a)   Greg P is to check out state requirements before removing a urinal.
B.  Storage Shed - should we have one modified to look like a miniature “Lakes” building to house ladders, blowers, etc. It would be located east of the tennis courts.   Deferred.
VII. Bike Rack and Benches
A.   Benches: Turned over to BOD, as they are looking into benches for parks and walkways as well.
B.   Bike Rack: Pulte has given no answer. The BOD is aware that we need one.
A.  The BOD has asked us for a specific plan. This plan has not been assigned or added as a specific action item, yet.
IX.  Garbage/Cleanup
A.  Garbage cans will be issued for CC, rather than a dumpster.
1.   Getting can to curb needs to be reviewed at a later date.
B.  Greg P reported that contracts have been reviewed for cleaning of the CC which includes weekly RestRoom cleaning and 4 machines wiped down each week.
1.   It should be noted that each person who uses a machine should wipe it down after use.
2.   Parties will require volunteer cleanup afterwards until further review.
X.   Keys and Mailboxes
A.  Post Office is ready to make the change as soon as Pulte signs off. Connie explained mailbox number assignments will be determined by lot number
XI.   Pickleball
A.  Game and Rules were reviewed, via Bob B.’s research and Mary & Stan’s input. Social committee is also reviewing lines required for the court.
1.   Motion was made by Bob Bloch to allow Blue painters tape on the court under the prevision the players are required to put the tape down and pull it up after use. 2nd by Brian Donnelly.   All in favor.
XII.  Scheduling
A.  The multi-purpose room is available between 5am-11pm, 7 days a week. A calendar is available for scheduling meetings or special events. Kindly refrain from exercising during this time.
XIII. Cable / WiFi / TV
A.  Computer agreement with Brighthouse for WiFi computers is available. Use the same user login as from home.
B.  There is room for 36” tv between windows. We are deferring new televisions to the social committee if they find them necessary.
C.  New signs will need to be made. Deferring to later meeting.
XIV. Other
A.  Lights need to be changed to amber bulbs.
Action Items:
• Brian & Chandra to work on a sign in sheet for equipment and numbering of machines.
• Itemized pricing for equipment still needed.
• ‘Wet Area’ still to be defined.
• Greg P urinal removal and state requirements.
Tabled Items:
• New signs
• Further storage shed discussion.
Next Meeting: TBD (Sometime in January)
Location: Community Center :)