Alligator Watch
Date Posted: 5/17/2010

During Thanksgiving last year my wife and daughter were sitting on back patio and discovered two alligators swimming just a stones' throw away. Being from up North, I thought my wife would insist we sell immediately. To my pleasant surprise, they thought it was cool and named them Dunkin and Donut. In the last two weeks I have only seen Donut (the small one) in the lakes.

He's about 3 feet long. But what happens if they get aggressive?

JP has recently informed those attending the Board meeting how to report alligators. He noted that 4 ft. alligators are reportable, and advised residents not to feed any alligator. If a resident observes an offending alligator, they should call the size to Alligator Nuisance Control at 866-392-4286. The resident is given a code number. Then the resident should call the property manager or a member of the Board with the code number. That person then calls Alligator Nuisance Control with the code number and the authority to have the nuisance alligator removed. He noted that an alligator must be a nuisance before it can be removed. A nuisance alligator is described as being over 4 feet and/or aggressive.

Rob Wenz (Webmaster)