CCC Minutes for October
Date Posted: 10/29/2010
Community Center Committee (CCC)
Minutes for 10/27/2010
Time: 10/27/2010, 7:00pm
Location: 3443 Hyperion Way
Attendees: Brian Donnelly, Rob Wenz, Chandra Claycomb, Daisy Ling-Flower, Paul Ditmar, Marie Sanderson, Connie Becker, Greg McFarlane, Kate McFarlane, Mary Kozlowski, Kim Cheatham, Dave Smith, Dawn Pannella, Jack Pannella, Scott Adair, Joe Dipinto
Committee Members
   Rob Wenz
   Bob Bloch (Absent)
   Chandra Claycomb
   Brian Donnelly
   Connie Becker
   Daisy Ling-Flower
   Greg McFarlane
   Greg Plagmann (non-voting) liaison to The Board (Absent)
   Orders of Business
I.            Reviewed Neighbor Comments of previous meeting
A.     Why heat the pool - it was reiterated that snow birds have a right to swim too.
B.     Guest & Alcohol issue.
C.    Anyone should be warned for violating, and repeat offenders should lose privileges
II.           Fitness Center
1.      Equipment moved around, was able to open half the center for non-exercise activities
2.      Northwest wall left open for projection screen, room for conference table and chairs for audience on the west side of multipurpose room.
3.      Picture of new setup was passed around, along with new pool furniture.
4.      Kim wanted to reiterate that the CCC needs to have approved by BOD to get rid of anything.
5.      Rob asked Dave, Joe and Chandra if we agree to leave the equipment as is. Dave wasn’t all for it, but agreed. Joe and Chandra agreed.
6.      Greg M motioned:
The situation of the room now and the pieces of equipment should stay as is unless there is a formal evaluation in the future.
a)     Connie seconds the motions.
b)     Unanimous vote.
7.      Equipment still needed: 
a)     Dumbbells, adjustable bench (Dave S.)
8.      A calendar will be needed for social committee to reserve times.   This room will default as a fitness center, unless marked on calendar
III.          Alcohol Issue
A.     Reviewed comments made by homeowners. Neighborhood is filled with responsible adults and feel alcohol should not be restricted at any time.   If there becomes a problem, we can re-evaluate at a later time.
B.     Rob motioned:
1.      Alcohol will not be banned at the community center at this time
2.      All drinks must be in non-glass/non-breakable containers
3.      NO food or drink of any kind in the pool or ‘wet area’ (to be defined - appx 3.5-6 ft.)
C.    Greg M seconded.
D.    Unanimous voted.
IV.         Number of Guests
A.     Number of Guests were tossed around, discussions ranged between 2-6 guests per household. 
1.      Family members: Immediate family members are not restricted
2.      Non-Family guests: Limit 4
a)     Exception to the 4 guest limit can be acquired in advance though special request
3.      Greg M motioned.
a)     Brian seconded.
b)     Voted: 5 (Y) / 1 (N)
V.          Smoking / Music
A.     Smoking is prohibited at the Community Center, as determined last meeting.
B.     Music has not been restricted at this time.
VI.         Kitchenette
A.     Room for kitchenette is available along the southwest wall.
B.     Tabled, pending funding information.
VII.       Vending Machines
A.     It is expensive to buy or lease vending machines. 
B.     Look into Coke or Pepsi putting them in for a year for free to see if thats an option. (tabled)
VIII.      Security
A.     Discussed putting cameras in. Possibility the front and possibly one to watch pool equipment.   Camera could also be at the back veranda facing the front.
B.     Looking into an alarm system.  Have asked Pulte for an alarm. (JP)
C.    Greg M motioned:
Cameras should be installed. The CCC defers to the Security Committee henceforth on this matter.
1.      Brian second.
2.      Unanimous vote.
IX.         Phones: Security committee to manage.
X.          Garbage / Cleanup: JP is working with the city for curbside pickup.
XI.         Mailboxes: Have requested with post office to refer to mailbox numbers with the lot numbers. (JP)
XII.       Pickleball: Tennis courts should be opened up to “like” games. (tabled for later discussion)
XIII.      Signs: (Tabled)
XIV.  Center Notes
A.         Board table & chairs
1.      Currently there are 12 stackable chairs and 3 card tables at the Center.
(1)      Connie mentioned we should look at a used office supply place. You can get collapsible tables
2.      Grill was promised. Still waiting.
3.      Bike rack and bench. Photos shared from Heron Bay Center. We are still waiting on ours.
4.     We have requested reserve money from Pulte, we don’t know what we are going to get. (JP)
5.     Cleaning wipes will be available (wall mounted), but a personal towel should be brought to each workout by the homeowner. (Joe via handout)
B.      Equipment that has been delivered: 
a)     12 stackable chairs and 3 card tables (delivered today).
b)     Patio tables, chairs and chase loungers (delivered today)
C.      Community Center Turnover (JP)
a)     We walk through 10-11th, may not have CO, but planning a walk through
b)     Pulte will entertain the 1.5 page list of items that we have requested, should have it by walk thru if we are going to get it
XV.    Grand Opening (Social Committee)
a)     Planned for possibly early Dec.
b)     Pulte funded, Social Committee planning.
XVI.  Community Center Age Restrictions
a)     Pool: Children 12 and under require adult supervision.
b)     Fitness Center: 
(1)      Children 12 and under are restricted
(2)      Teens under 16 should have adult supervisio
          Pool Restrictions
            Pool Hours amended. State law states the pool should only be able from “Dawn to Dusk” unless there is adequate lighting.   Legally we cannot swim before dawn or after dusk.
a)     Greg M motioned. 
b)     Connie seconded. 
c)      Unanimous vote.
XVII  Scheduling Calendar
A.     Calendar would be available on the internet, password protected, for reserving events and using the multipurpose room.
1.      Scott Adair feels that our community functions should not be available to the public when we have a private calendar available.
2.      Any homeowner is invited to join any structured event.
XV      Renting out of the Amenity Center review
   It was approved by the BOD, but “JP didn’t know it”
   History: Greg M suggested that we should not rent it out. The pro was to make some money to buy things for our facility.   The con was that the residence would be denied access.
   Kim suggested that nobody should be denied access to the fitness center or pool at any time.
   No changes made.
Action Items:
   Sign up sheet to be placed in fitness center & number machines. (Brian)
Tabled Items:
   Determining ‘wet area’ of pool.
   Cleaning duties
   Music rules
   Floatation devices
   Vending machines
   Tennis courts: Adjusting for Pickleball
Next Meeting: November 22, 2010 @ 7pm
Location: Community Center :)