Orange Grove Spraying
Date Posted: 7/3/2010

With new homes still being a few years away, the orange groves behind Waterstone are still in use. And that means there continues to be spraying of these orange groves.  That raises the question as to what are they spraying and is it harmful to humans and/or our pets.  Is there something we need to be aware of?

Steve Schnitzer checked with Tru Green rep regarding chemical spraying of any kind including Citrus groves.  According to him they are all under strict government guidelines to use chemicals that are not harmful to humans.
Although that is comforting, it does not assure that the people doing the spraying are meeting those standards.  Problem is, no one at Vista or on the BOD knows who the lessee is that is performing the spraying on our adjacent orange groves.

So HOA President (JP) has steped up and taken it as an action item to recruit the recourses of Vista Properties and Pulte to track down what is actually being sprayed, so that we can all sleep better at night.

Stay tuned for his findings.