NEW- Trash Rules
Date Posted: 5/25/2010

2010-2 THE LAKES AT WATERSTONE RULES AND REGULATIONS- ARTICLE 9- SECTION-11 CLARIFICATION: “TRASH COLLECTION” Part of each resident’s responsibility is to properly dispose of their trash. The complete HOA Rule for the community could be found on page 42 Community Rules and Regulations. But here are the main topics.

1. Residents must use a sturdy plastic waste container with a self locking lid. If it gets blown over by the wind or is knocked over by an animal, the lid should remain on. Trash containing food inside the container should be securely tied in bags to prevent garbage being strewn about your lawn, driveway or street in the event the lid becomes loose. The HOA does not have the staff that can clean up trash or debris as a result of improper disposal.

2. PLEASE DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS ALONE AT THE CURB, even on the day of collection. Some homeowners have been doing so on the night before and even several days before the actual collection day. Therefore, going forward, the use of plastic bags will be considered a violation of HOA Rules and the owner subject to a fine.

3. Since residents of The Lakes at Waterstone are considered a private customer of the waste removal company, it is your responsibility to determine in advance if any large or unusual trash items will be picked up by them. If the HOA responds to a complaint and pays someone to remove trash, there will be a special charge and a fine assessed to that owner.

4. The permissible times that trash containers may be placed at the curb is 5:00pm on the days before collection days with all containers returned to inside the garage before midnight on the day of collection? Again, if the HOA has to hire someone to remove containers and/or trash from property, there will be a special charge to that property owner.