Weekly Highlights
Date Posted: 5/24/2010
Sent ACC approval and rejection letters to homeowners. Sent out violation letters. Contacted Gate Company to replaced entry gate arm broken off by unknown vehicle. Dan M. & Greg P. met with Total Protection to repair camera monitoring system in guardhouse. Resident was seen on camera damaging gate entry system. Resident admitted damaging gate. Repair invoice will be sent to resident. Fisher & Fisher completed new landscaping of entrance way to community. Treasure Coast Irrigation wet check is scheduled for Thursday June 1. Tru Green completed fertilization of lawns in the community. Contacted Chuck from Tru Green to address the chemical stains on the roadways. JP & I met with Mike from American Pump regarding pump near Kalista recycling due to possible irrigation break or bad flow switch. JP, Greg P., Dan M. & I went thru the community looking for broken irrigation lines. 3 areas were located and Pulte will make the repairs. Contacted Association Attorney Chin Len for status report on delinquent accounts. Sent Board proposal for lake maintenance contract that renews July 1, 2010 Next Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 25 at 4:30 pm Micco Library. Steve Schnitzer (Property Manager)