Another problem at the gate
Date Posted: 6/24/2010

On June 22, 2010 at 8:02 PM unknown person(s) knocked into the guest entry box. The entry box was found to have the aluminum weld on one side of the shaft broken with the box about to fall off its mount.

Dan Maxey and I were able to secure the box hopefully for the night until Schnitzer can notify a welder who would be able to re-weld the shaft to the bottom stand.  It is also suggested that two additional supports should be added to the shaft on both sides to prevent this from occurring once again.
Greg P. will attempt to review the tape to see if he could identify the person(s) who may of caused the damage.
 I found the photo of an FPL driver straightening the visitor's call box. I found a video showing him open his door to punch in code. His truck rolled backwards and the door catches the box breaking the weld. Truck number 8374. Accidents like this can happen, but it should have been reported by the driver.
It took me a long time to find, but we have clear proof of the responsible party who damaged our visitor gate call box.
Greg Plagmann
Great job of digging by Board Member Greg Plagmann, much work but perseverance always pays off.
We should get reimbursed for the damage.