Tax Update
Date Posted: 8/1/2011
This a heads up on proposed property value increase in The Lakes @ Waterstone. It will affect your property tax bill. Brevard County taxable property value countywide has gone down with several taxing districts already proposing tax rate increases. This means you will pay a higher rate on a higher valuation for a double hit.
The taxable value should reflect the price the property would sell for. The latest Lakes sale closed for $62 a square foot under air. A Capri on Hyperion is listed for $89,900 and has been on the market for 486 days.
There is an appeal process and it has some drop dead dates for taking action in the not to distant future. Contact the property appraiser's office for details.
I want everyone to be aware of what is going on and to pay attention when you get your proposed tax bill soon. If you feel that the listed value is what you could sell your home for in a reasonable time in this market then do nothing. It makes no difference if you would like to sell or not.
Gregory Plagmann