June 2010 Board Meeting Minutes
Date Posted: 7/20/2010


June Minutes for Lakes at Waterstone Board Meeting
Date: Tuesday June 29, 2010
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Micco Library
Jack P.called the meeting to order 4:30pm
Jack P. introduced new Board member Jordan Goldman replacing Scott Brooks as Pulte Board Representative.
Roll call: Sue Sheppard, Greg Plagmann, Jack Pennella, Jordan Goldman, Kim Cheatham by cell speaker phone. Also present Steve Schnitzer Property Manager, Continental Group.
Approval of Board meeting minutes: Greg P. made a motion to approve the May 25, 2010 Board meeting minutes; 2nd by Sue S. motion passed unanimously.
Treasures report by Greg P. Operating Cash $49,181.85, Reserves $6,519.61.
A total of 11 Delinquent Accounts are presently with our Association Attorney.
Managers Report: Steve reported new law changes effective July 1, 2010 where Association can collect rent from tenants of delinquent homeowners. Also association may now lien homeowners for outstanding fines.
Jack P. to speak with Richard Axelrod regarding the issue of trimming his landscaping plant in an attempt to avoid any further action on the part of the Axelrod’s.
Jack P. requested the resident directly information from the gate company so the Board can have information available for review at the next Board meeting regarding the use of long distance calls being charged back to the Association.
Safety Committee Report: Dan Maxey reviewed gate damages and camera repairs.
Greg P. met with Jordan G. to review camera security system. Jordan G. spoke about the different security systems being used on other properties today.
ACC Report: Dave Smith said ACC committee met to review ACC applications.
Landscape Report: Jack P. said the landscape material has been ordered for Plume Way and will be installed shortly. Fisher & Fischer Landscapers to relocate some trees and cut all the lake banks.
Turnover Agreement Report: Jack P. said Pulte has scheduled the relocation of landscaping and striping of the road at Lollipop Park and Fossen West.
Flooding concerns at Macaria Park will be addressed by Pulte.
Cypress trees as well as cabbage palms to be planted in areas of new lake banks.
Utility easement bill of sale should be finalized by the city shortly.
The Responsibility of Irrigation Pump System Maintenance cost is still in negotiations.
The Amenity center construction is on schedule.
Irrigation and storm water drainage concerns are being reviewed. Treasure Coast irrigation has been assisting in this matter.
Old Business: Jack P. stated Board of Directors unanimously approved to hire an architect on the advice of the Association Attorney in the Coupard pending legal matter.
Jack P stated the Board of Directors unanimously approved to forward the architect report to the Association Attorney for review.
New Business: Jack P. made the following presentation and read the following statement into the record.
The purpose of Architectural Guidelines is to allow the flexibility for individual identity while assuring the aesthetic and uniform harmony for the entire community. The basic guidelines provide the framework for the Architectural Control Committee review of an application but do not guarantee an “Approval”. All ACC applications will be reviewed on an individual basis using Architectural Guidelines. NO EXTERIOR CHANGES MAY OCCUR PRIOR TO WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM THE ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE.
The role of the Board of Directors of any community is to protect the rights of all homeowners within the community, its absentee homeowners, as well as any future homeowners. The Board of Directors is the highest governing authority within a community. Its role is to select, evaluate, and approve appropriate responsibilities of organizational governance. The Lakes at Waterstone ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES falls under that responsibility.
As the elected Director and President of THE LAKES Association and after much soul searching over two months of endless debate and review of THE LAKES COMMUNITY GUIDELINES the primary entity responsible for administrating and enforcing Architectural Standards and Controls for the Lakes at Waterstone as set forth in THE LAKES DECLARATIONS should be THE LAKES at WATERSTONE elected Board of Directors.
Jack then made the following MOTION, “I will submit in the form of a motion the much debated and reviewed Community Architectural Guidelines that have been reviewed and reviewed over the past two months to be APPROVED as The Lakes Community Official Standard Guidelines. I would also like to direct in this motion the official function of the ACC Volunteer Committee members are to enforce the Board of Directors established Community Architectural Guidelines. It should also be noted any future amended or adopted Architectural Guidelines must be presented before The Lakes at Waterstone Board of Directors for final approval before it would become an “OFFICIAL ARCHITECTURUAL COMMUNITY STANDARD.”  MOTION 2nd by Greg P.
YES Kim C., YES Greg P. Yes Jack P., no Sue S., Abstain Jordan Goldman.
Motion passed 3 Yes, 1 no, 1 Abstain.
Meeting Adjourned 6:15pm