April Board Minutes
Date Posted: 5/17/2011





DATE: April 26, 2011

TIME: 6:30 PM



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Jack Pennella called meeting to order 6:34pm.


QUORUM CALL: Present were Jack Pennella, Greg Plagmann, Sue Sheppard, New Board Member Gregory McFarlane. Also present Steve Schnitzer property manager.


PROOF OF THE April 26, 2011 MEETING POSTED: Notice was posted at guardhouse for the upcoming meeting.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM MEETING: Sue Sheppard made a motion to approve March 16, 2011 HOA Meeting Minutes; 2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously.


MANAGERS REPORT: Steve reported 92% percent turnout during the past Board Member election which was excellent.


Steve Schnitzer, Property Manager reported the table company was sent additional pictures upon a second request for the replacement tabletop warranty. Steve will contact the company for a status report.


 Steve reported the concerns of some residents regarding Armadillos in the community. Mike Manecki will attend the next Board meeting to discuss the process and the cost for removal of the Armadillos. Steve also reported bee removal is not the responsibility of the association.


Steve reported 2 new renters 3460 LeClaire, 3423 Hyperion Way.

Sue Sheppard and Gregory McFarlane HOA Board Members assigned to welcome and interview new resident renters.


TREASURERS REPORT: Greg Plagmann reported $33,523.85 in operating. $14,239.75 in reserves, Total operating and reserves $47,763.60 Greg Plagmann reported 13 delinquent accounts totaling $68,295.75.


TECHNOLOGY SAFETY SECURITY REPORT: Dan Maxey requested the purchase of Bollards and Reflectors to be installed at the end of the entrance and exit gate arms. Gregory Plagmann made a motion to purchase 2 Bollards and 5 Reflectors at a cost not exceed $250.00. 2nd by President Jack Pennella; Gregory McFarlane, Greg Plagmann, votes Yes; Sue Sheppard voted No. Motion Passed 3 to 1.


Greg Plagmann reported on the new security cameras at the guardhouse and amenity center to be monitored by D&A Family Electric at a cost of $15 per month for each location.


Greg Plagmann thanked Chandra & Matt Claycomb for donating a computer.




SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Connie Becker requested 2 of 3 signatures to use bank social account. Sue Sheppard made a motion to allow 2 of the 3 signatures to use the Social Committee bank account; 2nd by Gregory McFarlane; Motion passed unanimously.


COMMUNITY CENTER REPORT: Congratulations to Chandra Claycomb who was recently appointed chairperson and Robert Bloch appointed Vice Chairman due to vacancy of past chairman Greg Mcfarlane becoming HOA Board Member. Chandra reported equipment busy hours of fitness room 5am to10am and 6pm to 8pm and reported there was no need to continue the sign in sheet. Chandra also requested residents follow the respect our center sign posted at the amenity center.


LANDSCAPE / BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE REPORT: Landscape committee request to install lantana perennials at the front entrance to the community and the amenity center had been completed. Sue Sheppard made a motion to ratify the approval of perennials lantana at the front entrance and amenity center; 2nd by Greg Plagmann. Motion passed unanimously.


President Jack Pennella reported on the status of the sod replacement, dead tree removal, mulch and fertilization concerns. Sue Sheppard made a motion to ratify the approval of the removal of 20 dead trees; 2nd by Greg Plagmann.

Motion passed unanimously.


NEW BUSINESS: Sue Shepard read the proposed New Rule and Regulation

# 16, “ANIMALS & PETS” to include standards and conditions for keeping pets, weight limits and breed. Sue Sheppard made a motion to approve Rule & Regulation #16,

“ANIMALS & PETS”; 2nd by Gregory McFarlane. Motion passed unanimously.

To be posted on the Community website as well as the Continental Community website.


 Article IX Section 6 page 41- ANIMALS AND PETS.




 16. ANIMALS AND PETS: No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be permitted within the ASSOCIATION PROPERTY except for common household domestic pets. An Owner or Lessee may keep domestic pets, provided that no pet may be kept, bred, or maintained for commercial use. With regard to cats and dogs, only 2 such pets shall be allowed if both weigh less than 20 lbs or one such pet if it weighs over 20 lbs to a maximum of 40 lbs? Birds, fish, and other equivalent domestic pets are allowed except that none shall be permitted outside the home other than on patios, lanai, or a screened enclosure unless someone is present in the home. No dog or cat weighing more than 40 pounds shall be allowed. All domestic pets outside of the home must be carried or kept on a leash and under control at all times. No pet shall be kept tied up outside of the home. Pets may be kept within the patio, lanai, or screened enclosure providing someone is present in the home. An Owner or person responsible for the animal outside of the home shall immediately pick up and remove any solid animal waste deposited upon any property within the Association. An Owner is responsible for the repair or replacement of any property damaged by his/her pet. Pets shall not be permitted upon the Association Property except as set forth herein or pursuant to the Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Board. Every Owner, as well as every Occupant, hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Association and all other Owners, there lessees, guests, invitees, and family members against any loss or liability of any kind or character whatsoever, arising from or growing out of having any animal in the community.


The Lakes at Waterstone shall promulgate Rules and Regulations from time to time designing rules as necessary to regulate pets, and other Rules and Regulations for keeping of pets as established by the Association Board. Each Owner shall keep any pet in such a fashion as to not be a nuisance to any other Owner.


Under no circumstance shall a Pit Bull or Press Canario be permitted on property. A “Pit Bull” is defined as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, or any dog displaying a majority of the physical traits of any one (1) or more of the above breeds.


This above provision shall not apply to present Homeowners and Lessees who own more than two pets whose weight exceeds the aforementioned limits, but all new acquired pets must conform to the present Declarations


President Jack Pennella reported that a homeowner had filed a personal injunction against him as HOA President and will have to appear in court on 4/27/2011. No other comment was made.


OLD BUSSINESS: Greg Plagmann reported on the status of the gazebo for the lake bank area between Jute Lane and Hyperion Way. The cost will be $4,700. President Jack Pennella made a motion to approve $1000 toward the purchase but only after the $3,700 pledged by homeowners toward this project was collected through donations by homeowners; 2nd by Greg Plagmann. Motion passed unanimously.


 OPEN FORUM: Homeowners voiced their questions to the Board.


NEXT HOA MEETING DATE: May 24, 2011 6:30pm


Minutes respectfully submitted for the Board,


Steve Schnitzer

Community Association Manager

Lakes at Waterstone HOA