Weekly Highlights
Date Posted: 6/6/2010


Inspection of property looks nice.
Pulte Contractors working on block walls at Amenity Center.
Pulte Contractors completed new landscaping at the end of Fossen and Hyperion.
Delivered and installed vehicle bar code to resident.
Sent letters to residents regarding proper use of trash cans.
Sent letter to resident regarding parking rules and regulations.
Tru-Green treated oak trees in community for web worms.
Fischer & Fischer lawn cutting crew on site.
Fischer & Fischer landscape trim crew on site.
The replacement landscaping has been completed on Hyperion.
The replacement plants have been ordered for Jute and Kalista.
Gave mailman replacement locks and keys for mailboxes. Homeowner to pay $15.00 for replacement of mailbox lock and key.
JP and I on Friday met with Don Fairman from Driveway Maintenance Inc. to inspect and analyze the condition of both Plume and Hyperion roadway block top regarding Tru-Green chemical spill earlier in the week. It was reported by Don Fairman there was no indication of any permanent damage to the roadway surface. A report will be fourth coming and made part of the official inspection by Driveway Maintenance Inc.
Contacted gate company to repair entrance gate that was not working due to electrical problem.
Contacted Keith from the Master Association to report a row of FPL street lights are on all day Sunday.
Re-installed the gate use sign that was removed when entrance camera was relocated.
Prepared By:     Steve Schnitzer