June HOA Minutes
Date Posted: 7/5/2011



DATE: June 28, 2011

TIME: 6:30 PM



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: PRESIDENT Jack Pennella called meeting to order 6:34pm.



PRESIDENT Jack Pennella, Greg Plagmann, Gregory McFarlane, Present

Absent Sue Sheppard & Jordan Goldman.

Steve Schnitzer, CAM Property Manager also present.



Notice was posted at guardhouse.



Gregory Plagmann made a motion to approve May 24, 2011 minutes; 2nd by Greg McFarlane; Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.



Steve Schnitzer reported that Mike Hueniken, Manager for Pulte Land Development has received a letter from Natalie Sheber, SJR Water Management regarding LAW lake bank erosion repairs. Reportedly Mr. Hueniken is addressing the repairs. Property Manager will follow up in 14 days for status report.


Two new renters APPROVED for 3512 Hyperion and 3590 Jute Lane by HOA Board Member Approval Committee.


HOA Association has received Capital Contribution from the sale of 3510 and 3540 Jute Lane totaling $1,044.00 as well as returned legal fund deposits held by Association Legal Attorneys for the same two homes in the amount of $1200.00



Greg Plagmann reported as of May 31, 2011 $29,472.32 in operating. $15,785.14 in reserves, Total operating and reserves $45,257.46 Greg Plagmann reported 10 delinquent accounts as of 5/15/11 should be reduced by two going forward.


Treasurer Plagmann also reported payoff funds to the Association with the sale of residence at 3510 Jute Lane. Funds in the amount of $15235.64 was collected of which $12,555.48 will be deposited in to the HOA $$$ General Fund.


President Pennella made a motion to reaffirm retaining Clayton & McCulloh Law Firm to handle current and future collection matters; 2nd by Gregory McFarlane;

Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


President Pennella made a motion to reaffirm the JSL Law firm to move forward on foreclosure action at 3521 Kalista Court by filing a, “MOTION TO INTERVENE”, on behalf of the LAW; 2nd by Gregory Plagmann, Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


ACC REPORT: ACC meeting chaired by member Gail Bulter, in the absence of Chairperson Dave Smith reported 4 requests APPROVED with one request, Revis, Florida-friendly landscape request sent to Community Landscape Committee for review. LAW Community Landscape Meeting will be scheduled for July 9th @ 100pm for review of the Revis landscape request. All ACC Members as well as homeowners are welcome to attend and take part in this informational and Instructional meeting.


President Jack Pennella read into the HOA minutes the following instruction notice that will be submitted to the Community ACC as both POLICY Instructional as well as Informative.


June 28, 2011


From: Jack Pennella HOA President LAW

Subject: ACC request cut- off date for submission.


All ACC Members:


As a volunteer committee of members representing homeowners of this development you have all performed a creditable service to this community!


In an effort to move forward homeowner requests the committee has accommodated submitted ACC request forms after the cut-off date and have put aside an important guideline in order to be more obliging. However, this action while creditable in itself has resulted in little or no review of issues dealing with homeowner landscape requests.


The HOA Board several weeks ago required all landscape issues to be sent directly to the Community Landscape Committee for review and recommendation. This action needs attention as we move forward as a community.


All Association ACC meetings have been scheduled as a matter of record for the second Wednesday of the month with a required cut-off date. The first day of the month should be ample time to require homeowner submissions of ACC request forms. I respectfully request ACC members establish a specific required standard as a cut-off date policy at its next meeting, if none has been officially established and strictly enforce this policy in fairness to all homeowners.


In this manner members of the Community Landscape Committee should have sufficient time to review and make recommendations back to the ACC members to approve, modify or disapprove homeowner’s landscape requests.


I ask for consideration for an established policy as well as thanking you all for the service to the community.


Jack Pennella HOA President


SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Much thanks to Greg Holden at 3550 Jute Lane for donation of Xmas decorations put in storage at the community center


SECURITY & SAFETY/TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Dan Maxey reported issues with alarm system wiring malfunction have been corrected. Lighting issues to increase efficiency of the security camera operation at the center will be addressed by additional lights at rear and side of center.


COMMUNITY CENTER COMMITTEE: Greg McFarlane reported Hours of OPERATION sign selection for the glass enterance way door at the center has been selected. Greg Plagmann made motion to approve sign selection for the community center door, motion seconded by Greg McFarlane, Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


Greg McFarlane also reported many thanks to homeowner Lamar Joyce for help with adjusting community center door closers. THANKS LAMAR.


COMMUNITY LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: Discussion on completing the mulch process within the LAW Community. Greg Plagmann made a motion to approve the completion of mulch for addition 80 cubic yards, second by Greg McFarlane,

Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY



NEW BUSINESS: Discussion on a request by LeClaire Lane residents for an additional street light to be placed at the dead end of the street. This light would replace light pole removed from the area of the old model center parking lot off LeClaire and placed at Plume & Miranda by Pulte Homes several months earlier. Greg Plagmann made motion to approve the additional street light for the dead end of LeClaire Lane, motion second by Greg McFarlane, Motion passed UNAIMOUSLY.


President Pennella made motion after discussion with HOA Board Member for consideration to contact the JSL LAW Group due to the conflict between the LAW and Pulte Homes for the Irrigation Pumping System for the community. All attempts to resolve this issue has not been resolved and would be prudent to obtain a legal opinion. This issue must move forward as to the assignment of a Hoover Pump Maintenance Service Protection Contract in order to protect the financial obligations and responsibilities of the LAW Association in this area. President Pennella made a motion to approve a conference call to JSL Law Group on legal opinions regarding the two (2) irrigation pumping maintenance service contracts as to the responsibilities to the LAW, Motion second by Greg McFarlane, Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


President Pennella brought to the attention of homeowners present at the HOA Meeting that a request had been submitted to the ACC Committee by the REVIS family of Plume Way on June 8th, 2011 for a Florida-friendly landscape plan. This request was not addressed by the sitting ACC Group but forwarded to the Community Landscape Committee as the protocol required for reviewing landscape issues within the LAW. After discussion of this issue President Pennella made the following motion:


Florida-friendly landscape-MOTION


Due to the inability to identify established county or local Ordinances for Florida-friendly landscape FFL, or a clear understanding of, or the restrictions if any, pertaining to a Maintenance Free Housing Development as it would pertain to the Lakes at Waterstone LAW, the Board of Directors for the LAWHOA will not approve any FFL requests until a clear POLICY has been certified for Florida Statute 373.185 and its effect upon the Lakes at Waterstone Development, its established Deep Restrictions, Covenants, and the Rules and Regulations for this community.


This notice will be forwarded to both the Community Landscape Committee as well as the Architectural Control Committee effective 6.28.2011.


At a point in time, when a clear policy has been established for the LAW all FFL requests can be submitted for review.


Motion by President Pennella, seconded by Greg McFarlane, Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


OLD BUSSINESS: Notice sent to all LAW Homeowners that City of Palm Bay and Waste Management will ONLY PICK UP TRASH/GARBAGE/RECYCLE ITEMS within the issued containers as all trucks have been equipped with the necessary arms for pick up.


President Pennella reported the armadillo issue is still open for discussion but most likely would be addressed within the 2012 Contract, if addressed at all.


President Pennella reported the DePinto, the Gazebo, as well as the Great American Insurance claim issue are still in discussion and not resolved as yet.


OPEN FORUM: Homeowners voiced their questions to the Board for a meeting agenda. The issue of concern that the Board wanted to address will clarify for all homeowners the posting of HOA Meeting Agenda’s. Florida Section 720.303.2(c) states:

Unlike the law for condos, there is no requirement that an agenda must be posted. Having said that, the HOA Board will agree to post an agenda on the Continental web-site no less than 24 hours before a scheduled HOA Meeting in the future.


NEXT HOA MEETING DATE: July 26, 2011 6:30pm 



Minutes respectfully submitted for the Board,

Steve Schnitzer, CAM