Date Posted: 6/6/2011




Once again it has been a horrendous year that has taken a toll on the community landscape. In one respect our areas has been fortunate in that we have not had to endure a hurricane. On the other hand, our neighborhood has had to face two consecutive winters of cold and freeze damage landscape, and then chinch bugs and drought.


Shrubs that have died have been removed. Mulching has begun and will continue over the next week or two. The first priority has been resident homes and then the common area. We will continue to top dress sod after completion of the mulch project, around the middle of June. It should be noted the order for replacement trees for the front and side of resident homes have been submitted. As soon as we receive sufficient rain, we will begin the process of planting.

We would expect with luck, this project to be completed before the end of June, but please keep in mind, we need rain, rain and more rain before this can be accomplished. A perfect testament to this is our lakes. Remember our lakes are the community’s only source of irrigation water and we all can see how low they are.


In spite of all of the above complications, association board members and volunteers have been working to lessen the effects of any permanent damage to the landscape. Compounding all of the landscape issues beginning with the lack of rain, and the severe reduction of the water reserves, the SJRWMD restrictions for a 2 day a week irrigation schedule, and the irrigation system provided by our builder was installed in a deficient manner.


Over the past month, nozzles have been changed, irrigation heads needed to be relocated or replaced. This process will continue by Treasure Coast Irrigation who has been putting more hours and resources into our community in an attempt to reduce the effect of a poorly installed irrigation system.


The Association Board is a frustrated as all homeowners are and should be over this issue. We totally understand this concern, but the matter has been in the process of being addressed and will continue to be our PRIORITY. We can only do so much; Mother Nature now has to cooperate.


All landscape or irrigation questions, issues or concerns, PLEASE CONTACT our Property Manager or any HOA Board Member.