February HOA Minutes
Date Posted: 3/4/2011


DATE: February 22, 2011

TIME: 6:30 PM



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Jack Pennella called meeting to order at 6:31pm.



QUORUM CALL: Present were President Jack Pennella, Greg Plagmann, Sue Sheppard, Kim Cheatham, Jordan Goldman, Property Manager Steve Schnitzer.


PROOF OF THE 2-22-2011 MEETING POSTED: Meeting Notice was posted at guardhouse.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM MEETING: Sue Sheppard made a motion to approve January 25, 2011 minutes; 2nd by Greg Plagmann; Motion passed unanimously.


MANAGERS REPORT: Steve reported the following:

1. Association was reimbursed $350 from the State of Florida for the pool permit as Pulte had originally paid this account.


2. Pictures were taken of the four (4) damaged Amenity Center table tops and sent to the Pulte distributor for warranty replacement.


3. Two large storage containers outside the community but in view of Hyperion Way will be moved no later than the end of this week.


4. The association had not as yet received the $1000 check from Pulte for the purchase of gas grills at the amenity center. Jordan Goldman from Pulte said the check was mailed.


5. Pulte’s January lot assessments had finally been received and the late fees should be removed as the payment coupons were sent late. President Jack Pennella made a motion to remove the late fees; 2nd by Greg Plagmann, motion passed unanimously.


6. Removal of the old mailboxes has been completed and the landscaping and irrigation has been restored in that area.


7. The association is moving forward with the (2) lien/foreclosures on Jute Lane S.E. Both homes have been taken over by the bank due to foreclosure action but have not paid the quarterly assessments in six months.


8. Garage doors are being left open all day and the association documents state they should be closed when not in use.


9. The association and the management company received emails and certified letters from a homeowner to inspect records as any homeowner may do. However the association found it necessary to consult with the association attorney as the request for inspection was so excessive and involved the privacy rights of all homeowners.


TREASURERS REPORT: Greg Plagmann reported $57,577.86 in operating funds, $12,695.37 in reserves, Total operating and reserves $70,273.23 Greg Plagmann reported delinquent accounts 1 demand letter, 10 at the attorney, 2 in foreclosure status owned by the banks.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Connie Becker reported that the Mardi Gras party was a success; good time was had by all.


ACC COMMITTEE REPORT: Dave Smith reported 3 ACC applications were submitted,

One was given back to homeowner needing additional documentation before being heard ( Zeiler), one sent to the Landscape Committee for follow up review (Moynihan) and one, after a full review, DENIED, (DePinto).


TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY COMMITTEE REPORT: Greg Plagmann reported that all the gate entry cameras are working and the community cable alert stations are working on channels 98 and 99 and digital on 701 and 702.


LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: Please welcome the new committee members Recommended by HOA President Jack Pennella and approved by the BOD; Lee McVadon, Bob Bloch, Dan Maxey, Greg McFarlane, Mae Revis, Marie Sanderson, Kate Schaps, and Karen Maxey.


COMMUNITY GARDEN CLUB BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE: HOA President Jack Pennella explained this committee will be formed to be a sub-committee of the Landscape Committee and appointed Mae Revis chair, Bob Bloch, Marie Sanderson, Kate Schaps, and Karen Maxey as members, also this committee is an open committee and volunteers are welcome.


COMMUNITY CENTER REPORT: Gregory McFarlane, committee chair reported they reviewed proposals to seal the pavers at the amenity center. After discussion with the residents present at the meeting, it was determined that the sealer would not be applied and a maintenance program of pressure washing is all that is required.


OLD BUSINESS: Rob Wenz provided a video presentation for the purchase of a Gazebo for the common area lake bank between Jute Lane and Hyperion Way. After the presentation Mr. Wenz explained he was willing to contribute on behalf of his company $2500 towards the purchase price of $4000 for the Gazebo.  Upon discussion by a few homeowners of spending community funds when the community had higher priorities than a Gazebo several residents present at the meeting privately pledged in $100 dollar amounts, another $1200 towards the Gazebo purchase. It was noted, besides a funding priority, a concern for the Board and a few in the community was to address all outstanding design and permitting issues before any approval should be considered. The Board will address this matter in the next 30 days.


NEW BUSSINESS: Gail Butler presented information regarding the Palm Bay Volunteer Service Corp. whereas residents may volunteer their time for various City of Palm Bay programs. It has been posted in the amenity center for review.


Gregory McFarlane commented on the trash pickup of 2 days a week with the City of Palm Bay rather than a one day a week pick up with negative results.


President Jack Pennella made a motion to mail the 2nd notice of election/annual meeting March 7, 2011; 2nd by Greg Plagmann, motion passed unanimously.


President Jack Pennella spoke about the request from Mr. Joseph DePinto to appeal the Architectural Control Committee DENIAL DECISION to permit him to store his trash containers outside of his garage. President Jack Pennella reported the Association Documents do not allow for an appeal and more importantly The Lakes at Waterstone Documents clearly state, trash containers shall be stored and located in the garage of each home. Any location other than the garage of each residential home would be a violation of the Association Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for The Lakes at Waterstone.


OPEN FORUM: Homeowners voiced their questions to the Board.


NEXT HOA MEETING DATE: March 22, 2011 at 5:30pm followed by the Annual Meeting/ Election at 630pm. 




Minutes respectfully submitted for the Board,

Steve Schnitzer, CAM