February 2011 Lawn Care
Date Posted: 2/6/2011

February 2011 Lawn Care

Most of the ornamental palms, Christmas, fox tail, roebelenii's, etc. which make up most of the ornamental palms in and around the homes have for the past two years been hit hard by the wind and cold. Is there a process that would be taken to prevent disease to the heart of the palm as it tried to flush new growth?

An application this time of year is preparing the plants to push out healthy new growth in the spring, hopefully the plants have not sustained too much cold damage, there are times when cold-damaged plants simply have been damaged too heavily and will not recover. Unfortunately, there is no chemical treatment to keep palms from being damaged by the cold.

There is no process to prevent disease from attacking palms, the best thing that can happen is to adequately fertilize the palms and wait to see if any new growth pushes out, but there is no disease prevention. If the bud of the palm was damaged from cold then the tree will shutdown and there really isn’t anything that can be done. If the plants do not push out any new growth by mid to late summer then there is a good chance that the bud was damaged and the palm should be removed.

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