Irrigation System
Date Posted: 7/20/2010
Homeowners:  Several residents have inquired as to the operation schedule for the Association Irrigation System. The information below has been provided to the Association by Treasuer Coast Irrigation. 
The development has two main pumping station, one East and the other West,  both stations operate on the same two days of the week for the lake bank common area as well as the  front-side and rear of residential homes.
Schedule 1- Lake common area              Monday and Friday           
Schedule 2- Homes                                  Wednesday and Saturday
The East Station will cycle on and off within 6 hours while the West station is on a 10 hour cycle.  Please, don't be confused with the above mentioned days of the week listed as irrigation days.  The ON days indicate the pumping station will turn on at 10:00 pm on the days listed above and cycle off the morning of the following day.
For example: Schedule 1 West- should come on about 10:00 pm on Monday and Friday for the lake bank common area and still be operational on both Tuesday and Saturday early morning hours.