Vandalism at Center
Date Posted: 7/10/2011
Notice to all Residents.
For all the folks with all the well intended concern against the installation of the community video recording system within the center building. The association has achieved its first apprehension for vandalism within the community center building.
To make a long story short, early this morning the association was notified by a resident regarding suspicious activity on Saturday and once again this morning at the center with possible damage identified. The suspects were quickly located, age 12 and 13 years old and brought to the center with parent. It should be noted the children were not residents but merely visiting a resident. The video recording replay confirmed both the activity and the occurring damage to the fitness equipment. Parent/or resident will make restitution for the damage.
This is the first time the video recording equipment locked away in a metal box has been replayed since the installation. The intent of the recording system was successful in achieving its primary objective.
LAW- Board of Directors.